How Dangerous Is Your Warranty Insurance?

Saturday, 14. August 2010

Hi, Graham Hill here, thank you so much for visiting my blog, I hope you learn a lot and as a result end up driving a great car. In order to do so you can get all the information you need by buying my book, An Insider Guide To Car Finance or use me to finance your next car. Happy driving.

If you are looking to take out an aftermarket vehicle warranty (that’s a warranty that you take out when the manufacturer’s warranty has run out) you can check to see if the provider has signed into the code of practice provided by the auto watchdog Motor Codes, unless it’s an AA warranty and I can tell you that they aren’t. The code was set up to help customers by ensuring that the warranties provided by the warranty Read more

Graham Hill’s Famous Car Review Spotlights New Land Rover

Saturday, 17. July 2010

Now to Graham Hill’s famous car review. This week the new, yet to be launched, Range Rover baby get’s put under the spotlight. The car, called the Evoque, will come with a tiny 2.0 diesel or petrol engine and has a bit of a Nissan Qashqai look about it. It has little slit windows but the car I’ve seen has a panoramic glass sunroof so maybe if that becomes standard it won’t seem quite as dark and dingy as it looks. Do I Read more

Graham Hill, Car Finance Expert, Reveals All 10 Of The Auto Express Top 10 Cars

Sunday, 25. April 2010

I revealed last week that the Hyundai i30 was voted the Auto Express Driver Power car of the year as voted by 23,000 drivers polled. This week I reveal the rest of the top 10. The cars were scored for 10 major features including reliability, build quality, running costs, performance, comfort, ride quality etc. The top ten were as follows: Read more

Car Finance Expert, Graham Hill, Explains Why Size Matters In An Accident

Saturday, 17. April 2010

According to Auto Express size matters, something, of course, that I have always subscribed to! Ooer missus, stop that tittering in the back, I’m talking about car safety – obviously. It seems that the bigger the car the less likely you are to be injured. Mind blowing as that might be, equally mind blowing is the most dangerous car is one of the smallest, the Rover Mini (not to be confused with the BMW Mini). The figures Read more

Graham Hill, Car Finance Expert, Reveals Top Car Voted By AutoExpress Readers

Monday, 12. April 2010

Auto Express have named their Driver Power 2010 top 100 cars. More of this next week but I can report that the Jaguar XF has been knocked off the number one position and replaced by, wait for it, the Hyundai i30. The survey was polled amongst 23,00 drivers with cars being assessed on 10 factors including reliability, comfort, build quality and performance. More of this breaking story next week but this week we are offering the i30 on special terms as our deal of the week – I don’t just throw these things together you know! By Graham Hill

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Will Toyota Ever Recover?

Wednesday, 24. February 2010

Toyota finally looks as though it is seeing some light at the end of the tunnel after what must have been the worst start to a year in its history. So far this year 188,500 cars have been recalled, the majority of which require replacements to their accelerator linkages (180,000) and 8,500 Prius require modifications to their braking systems. The accelerator linkage repairs take about 30 minutes to complete. Whilst Read more

Going Green – The Easy Way

Wednesday, 11. November 2009

Trying to get everyone to go green overnight and buy electric cars will simply not work. The view is now to take a piecemeal approach and start by getting people gradually into more fuel efficient cars that kick out fewer CO2’s. Drivers should first be made more aware of cleaner driving practices. Knocking 10% off your cruising motorway speed can improve fuel consumption along with controlled braking and less Read more

Check Your Car For Any Recalls

Friday, 30. October 2009

There are a number of vehicle recalls each year, some of which are fairly minor causing no more than an irritation whilst others are much more serious which could result in injury. One of the latest recalls was issued by Ford on 29,000 Focuses for a potential overheating problem in the cooling fan to be rectified. The warning read: Focus (potential overheating/fire risk), models from 20/02/04 – 31/05/06. Read more

Scrappage Extended, Newer Cars Qualify

Friday, 9. October 2009

After King Mandelson announced that he would not, under any circumstances, extend the scrappage scheme, which was a bit of a relief to all of us hoping for some substantial bonuses from the manufacturers for the last quarter of the year, the one with the white hair and bushy black eyebrows stood up at the labour conference and announced that the scheme was being extended by Read more

The Best Cars To Own

Friday, 6. February 2009

If you are still one of those that likes to own a car but is worried by the loss in depreciation – if you are then don’t buy a Maybach 62 which is reported by trade valuers Parkers to have lost £128,899 during 2008. However, downsizing and demand for city cars has kept used prices of smaller cars high producing the lowest cash losses in 2008. You should therefore ditch the Maybach, Bentley or Aston and replace with one of the following: Read more