Winter Tips Part 2

Tuesday, 8. November 2011

Hi, Graham Hill here, thank you so much for visiting my blog, I hope you learn a lot and as a result end up driving a great car. In order to do so you can get all the information you need by buying my book, An Insider Guide To Car Finance or use me to finance your next car. Happy driving.

If you drive too hard into a corner you will experience what is called ‘understeer’, you lose front end grip and the vehicle continues on instead of turning the corner. The problem here is that drivers will generally apply more lock, turn the steering wheel even more into the corner, it is a natural reaction. This actually makes the situation worse as Read more

New Chrysler ‘Bentley’ Will Lose Fans

Sunday, 6. November 2011

A friend of mine, not known for dating the brightest sparks in the boxes of fireworks, changed his car for a Chrysler 300C a couple of years ago, you remember the car, a big old bus with the looks of a Bentley if you changed the grill for a Bentley style honeycomb jobey! As a result he has had much success with the ladies believing he is driving around in Read more

Graham Hill Reviews The New Land Rover Defender

Tuesday, 4. October 2011

Land Rover Badge

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I thought it would happen, just as I started giving positive reviews about cars that I like along came Land Rover with a rather dopey car. You would have seen the Defender that they have been building since cars were invented, those are the ones that you see army personnel thrashing about in, farmers rounding up sheep in and tribesmen tearing across Read more

Do We Need A New Car Model Every Year?

Friday, 23. September 2011

Isn’t it about time the manufactures started to put their design staff on some internal company awareness courses or set them to work planning the layout of the staff canteen or something? Why should they do this? Because we have far too many cars and variants. Over the years we have seen the manufacturers start to change their cars every year with Read more

Company Cars Becoming Popular Again

Saturday, 27. August 2011

BMW Logo in Düsseldorf Hellerhof: Hans Branden...

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There seems to be a move back to company cars from cash for car alternatives. A few years ago when the Government changed the way the benefit in kind tax was calculated to a CO2 based system there was a big move to cash for car alternatives. Drivers liked the idea of driving a 3 year old BMW rather than a new Ford Mondeo but BMW’s are Read more

Graham Hill’s Review Of A New Car!

Friday, 19. August 2011

My review of a new car is going to be light of detail this week but I saw some pictures of the car in question and it looked a vast improvement on the old model. I’m talking about the Mercedes A Class that looked a bit too much like a small MPV and if you remember, when it was launched, if you drove it reasonably hard round a bend it fell over. The Read more

Following Advice From Motor Magazines Can Cost You Dearly

Monday, 9. May 2011

The old logo used by Audi until 2009

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I am very Mr Angry of Sussex. You see I get very frustrated when it comes to poor customer service, not helped by the fact that I’m the UK’s leading authority when it comes to vehicle finance so when I see a so called expert or an authoritative car magazine or national newspaper giving so called advice which is flawed I get bloody furious. Take a Read more

Graham Hill Announces The Launch Of Tesco Cars

Sunday, 3. April 2011

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 20:  A Tesco flag flie...

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Well, I guess the big news of the week, and one I was waiting to break before sending out my deal of the week and updated blog, is the launch of Tesco Cars I have been working as a consultant with Carsite, whose site has been updated to accommodate the new name and Tesco loans. The same procedure is being adopted by the new website as happened under the old scheme with car photos, HPI and inspection reports. The difference now is the addition of 2,000 clubcard points with every car Read more

Speed Limits To Be Reviewed

Tuesday, 22. March 2011

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 08:  Conservative MP...

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If you were a visitor to this country driving on our motorways you could be excused for believing that the limit was 80 miles per hour and not, as I believe it is, 70 miles per hour. It seems that Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond supports the idea of lifting the speed limit as our limit is one of the slowest in Europe. However the anti car brigade are Read more

Graham Hill Finds A Great Gadget

Tuesday, 22. March 2011

Just want to give you the heads up on the Graham Hill gadget of the week. When I say heads up I mean that literally. It’s an aftermarket speed display that is projected up on the windscreen so no need to look down at the speedo whilst driving. A mount is held in place by tape and the unit slides onto the mount. The projector is hinged so you can adjust Read more