Technology Could Be Preventing Your Car From Starting

Wednesday, 25. February 2015

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It seems that according to a survey carried out by Kwik Fit 52% of drivers don’t get their batteries checked at all during the vulnerable winter period. With low temperatures likely to be with us for a little while, battery issues will continue to be the main cause of  breakdowns and starting issues.

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The biggest use resulting in battery drainage is using the car to charge devices such as smartphones, tablets, sat navs and laptops. Sapping the energy from the battery could mean that the extra power needed to start a car in cold weather just may not be there.
It also seems that 36% of drivers believe that the only time a battery needs to be checked is during an MOT when in fact the MOT does not cover the full battery operation. As a guide one in five batteries are over 5 years old which is the age when batteries are generally needed to be replaced. By Graham Hill

Which Manufacturers Are Meeting The EU Emissions Targets?

Wednesday, 22. October 2014

I am often asked why manufacturers have included things like stop/start technology and are hell bent on reducing engine sizes to that fitted to a 1960’s moped? Are they all becoming amazingly environmentally responsible? Well I’m sure some manufacturers would argue that they are becoming more responsible and are concerned about the environment but I would suspect that it is more to do with cash!

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Or more important fines that will be imposed by the EU if the manufacturers don’t meet CO2 emission targets. And they won’t be pussy footing about, they are set to impose fines of millions of Euros so it is important that the manufacturers tow the line. But how is the ‘average’ CO2 being calculated?

It isn’t as simple as one would think? The obvious suggestion is to take the total cars sold x their individual CO2 output then divided back by the number of cars sold. If you thought this, you would be wrong because it would be unfair on manufacturers of prestige cars compared to those who make predominantly small cars.

The answer was to build in each car’s weight into the equation. As a result Business Car applied the rules to the top 20 manufacturers to see who was producing the greenest cars and which manufacturers were meeting the CO2 targets for their range. Surprisingly no manufacturers were on target but they listed the top manufacturers as follows with their achievement compared to target:

Rank Manufacturer % of Target
1 Renault 94
2 Peugeot 86
3 Volkswagen 84
4 Volvo 74
5 Toyota 70
6= Citroen 64
6= Ford 64
8 Seat 62
9 Audi 58
10 Mercedes 56
11= Skoda 52
11= Vauxhall 52
13 Nissan 50
14= BMW 48
14= Kia 48
16= Fiat 40
16= Honda 40
18 Hyundai 38
19 Mini 36
20 Land Rover 24

By Graham Hill

Problems With Your Car – Know Your Legal Rights

Saturday, 15. March 2014

Something else I write about far too often is warranty claims. Dealers continue to let down customers and drivers know too little about their legal rights and don’t do things that would help their case. A lady had a Toyota that she bought second hand but found shortly after that the alarm constantly and randomly went off whilst parked on her drive.

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She returned the car whilst covered by the warranty but the dealer couldn’t replicate the problem so refused to accept that one existed. The problem continued and the car was returned, still no joy as the dealer effectively called the lady a liar.

The fact is that I have an extremely small amount of sympathy for the dealer as faults can often be intermittent so with modern technology why didn’t the lady take a video of the car with the alarm going off to show that it happened.

Or take a letter from a neighbour explaining that the alarm continued to sound without anyone touching the car so at least she can speak with some authority. My sympathy ended when I read that the dealer refused to continue checking the car for the fault after the warranty ran out.

As I have said time and again your legal rights don’t end the day your warranty runs out. Alarms should function properly for the life of the car so if it is faulty when you buy the car from a dealer there is something wrong with it and the supplying dealer needs to fix it or give you your money back. If you are not satisfied get the manufacturer involved and also advise the Office of Fair Trading.

In the case of the lady with the Toyota the manufacturer arranged to have the car looked at and turn down the sensitivity level on the alarm which fixed the problem. Unbelievable! The manufacturer needs to address the incompetence of its franchised dealer. The good news is that I am now working closely with several manufacturers  as a consultant and this is an area that will be addressed as part of my shake up of the industry. By Graham Hill

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Do We Need To Know When And Where Our Car Was Built?

Wednesday, 5. March 2014

There is a motor journalist who frequently bangs on about things that are of little or no importance causing the little hairs on the back of my neck to bristle. Not because they are all of no importance but often because I disagree with his views. I don’t want to give him any publicity through my blog or newsletter by mentioning his name but it’s Mike Rutherford.

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This time he is banging on about car manufacturers not telling buyers of their cars when and where their cars were ‘made’. He says that it is wrong for ‘German’ manufacturers not to tell you that the car you are buying was made on a certain date in South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Hungary or anywhere else.

He suggests that like a low-fat yoghurt cars should come with a tamper proof sticker showing its place of birth and date of birth. Good grief – what a doughnut. First of all does he think with the cost of stocking cars that they will be sitting around for any length of time before they are sold.

The days of Mercedes changing their design once every 5 years are gone. I have had notice today that Volvo are about to stop taking orders on 2014 and a half model year cars to replace with 2015 model year cars that will be available from April. I don’t know what Mr Rutherford thinks will be revealed but few cars sit around in stock for more than weeks, a couple of months at the most.

As for where the car was ‘manufactured’, firstly it wasn’t, it was assembled, mainly on fully automated production lines on equipment that was made by just one company to an exact design from the manufacturer and shipped around the world to wherever they can get the car assembled as cheaply as possible.

When it comes to the manufacturing process the car will be fitted with brakes made by Bosch, windscreens made by Pilkington, Tyres made by Goodyear, Lights made by Lucas and I have a customer in the UK who makes dashboards for about 5 different manufacturers.

So who gives a damn about where the cars are ‘manufactured’? Are you going to roll up to your Mercedes dealer to find that the brand new C Class that you are about to buy was built 3 months ago in Brazil and say ‘Don’t want that, have you one that was made in Germany yesterday please? Silly man! By Graham Hill

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Isn’t It About Time That Blogs Were Regulated?

Wednesday, 8. January 2014

New moan started, a few years ago a journalist with about as much knowledge about all things financial as a garden fork started a blog. In fact it was started about the same time as I started mine.

The difference was that I didn’t allow every John Henry and his mate to post things on my blog, unlike my charismatic friend. If anyone wanted to post anything on my blog I would mediate and if what they wanted to post was incorrect or simply trying to sell their pet insurance policy I would trash it.

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On the other hand many other blogs would allow complete (but often well intentioned) doughnuts to express opinions online which others would then take as absolute gospel. For example I have seen someone desperate because they are facing a £1,500 charge to repair a PAS pump, 3 weeks after the manufacturer’s warranty has run out on his car, seeking advice because he’d been told the repair was outside the warranty and therefore fully chargeable.

As you know from postings on my blog this isn’t unusual. In this case the car had only covered 15,000 miles but some numbnuts said, oh dear, sadly as you are outside the warranty there is nothing you can do, chat to your bank manager and arrange a loan. Which is what the poor sod did!! So this ill informed do-gooder just cost the driver with the problem £1,500.

The truth is that under the Sale of Goods Act the driver had a legitimate claim against the supplying dealer as the goods have to be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. The ABS pump should last as long as the car, at least 8 years, so the dealer should make at least some contribution towards the cost of repair as the item concerned would appear to not be of satisfactory quality.

Oh and notice I said dealer and not manufacturer, the claim is against the company that sold you the goods, not the manufacturer. It’s up to the dealer to seek compensation from the manufacturer. This is just one of many pieces of advice given by ignorant subscribers with no legal knowledge whatsoever.

Sometimes on this and other blogs the advice has been accurate at the time it was given in say 2009 but the law has since changed and the advice is now wrong. So if you are one of those people that searches through blogs for accurate information, tread very carefully, the advice you follow could cost you a fortune.

It’s about time that blogs were properly policed before too many people catch a serious cold. 2nd moan over! By Graham Hill

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Reminder About EU Rules Relating To Car Servicing

Wednesday, 5. October 2011

Auto Express recently reminded us that since the changes to European Regulation 461/2010 (Motor Vehicle Block Exemption) you can have your car serviced at an independent garage and provided they carry out all work in accordance with the rules set down by the manufacturer your warranty will be honoured. That is fine and I totally Read more

Car Warranties And Non Dealer Parts

Friday, 30. September 2011

Most people know that they can now have their cars and commercials serviced and maintained at no franchised garages and still retain the warranty on the vehicle. However, I have always suggested that customers who choose to have servicing carried out by non franchised dealers ask the garage to use manufacturer own parts. I say this as I don’t Read more

What’s The Meaning Of A Lifetime Warranty

Thursday, 3. February 2011

When is a lifetime warranty not a lifetime warranty? When it’s a Vauxhall it would seem. When Vauxhall announced the warranty to a fanfare of press support other manufacturers that had extended their warranties to 5 years were shocked. But after careful examination it was found that the warranty only applied to the owner of the car and not the car as it only covered the car if it was still owned by the original buyer. So as soon as the car was sold the warranty became null and void. Enter the Read more

Check Your Warranty – Items Of Cover Drop Off After 12 Months.

Tuesday, 25. January 2011

With new car deliveries stretching out all the time and 4 month delivery becoming the norm rather than the exception, many are tempted to go the used car route, often paying over the odds for a car less than 12 months old simply to get a fairly new car. I’ve mentioned the dangers in the past but with so many people being forced to take a used car because their current leased car cannot be extended, it’s worth mentioning the dangers again. I explained that servicing costs increase with age but Read more

Call For Manufacturers To Reveal All Recalls

Thursday, 30. September 2010

AA vintage sidecar (date unknown) at the Great...
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Auto Express has launched a campaign to force manufacturers to disclose known problems with their cars. At the moment the manufacturers only have to make public known safety faults that are subject to recall. For all other problems, such as reliability issues, these do not have to be made public. The AA, RAC and Retail Motor Industry Federation have all joined with Auto Express to put pressure on manufacturers to make public their technical service bulletins – the documents that detail the Read more