Old People Forcing Up Insurance Costs

Sunday, 28. April 2013

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Thanks to all these old people deciding to stay in work till they fall over the cost of business insurance is set to increase year on year.

The aging workforce will have an effect on many of the costs affecting businesses including the cost of their fleet insurance. According to Punter Southall Health and Protection Consulting for every year that the average age of the workforce rises, insurance will increase by between 7-10%.

It is estimated that two million people will be in work beyond 65 by 2022 which is more than double what it is now at 870,000. Other insurances will also be affected with income protection rising by an estimated 20% if it extends from 65 – 70!

Ridiculous Insurance Claims Likely After Doctor Report

Tuesday, 13. September 2011

Is health and safety about to move to a new level or am I just being very cynical? If you, or a member of staff, has a car accident, whilst on company business, we now know (especially those that read my newsletter/blog) that much of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the employer. The car has to be properly insured and maintained, irrespective Read more

British Medical Council Calls For Total In Car Smoking Ban

Wednesday, 17. August 2011

British Medical Association

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I have never smoked and never will do. As a British gymnast when I was young and at an age when boys strutted about acting as they though they were men by puffing at Woodbines, I was told very bluntly that if I was to be part of the team I would not be allowed to smoke and if I did don’t bother coming to training. My passion was my sport so I Read more

Warning Over Little Known Driving Condition That Can Kill

Thursday, 12. May 2011

Obstructive sleep apnea

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Warnings have again been issued about a potential killer whilst driving. This isn’t the first time I’ve reported this hidden danger but it seems that the problem continues to grow whilst drivers are unaware of the condition they have that could endanger them and other road users. The condition is called sleep apnoea and is suffered by 800,000 Read more

New Rules To Catch Drug Drivers & Changes To Drink Drive Rules

Friday, 22. April 2011

Various prescription and street drugs may caus...

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Whilst I’ve reported on drug driving on several occasions it now seems that the Government is about to start taking more positive action against offenders. Transport minister Philip Hammond has given the green light to proposals to tackle the problem. One proposal is to introduce a new criminal offence that will be specific to drug driving. This will Read more

Speed Limits To Be Reviewed

Tuesday, 22. March 2011

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 08:  Conservative MP...

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If you were a visitor to this country driving on our motorways you could be excused for believing that the limit was 80 miles per hour and not, as I believe it is, 70 miles per hour. It seems that Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond supports the idea of lifting the speed limit as our limit is one of the slowest in Europe. However the anti car brigade are Read more

Mazda Recalls Cars Because Of Spiders!

Saturday, 19. March 2011

text logo of Mazda

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Just as you think that we are moving rapidly through the highest tech era this planet has ever been through with new advances being announced virtually daily you hear a story that makes you realise that we still actually live in the real world. I read that Mazda have recalled 65,000 of their 6 model cars in north and central America. Suddenly you think Read more

UK Roads Deteriorate Further Costing Motorists

Sunday, 27. February 2011

The logo of the Department for Transport

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Following on from the news that windscreen replacement company, Auto Windscreens, has gone into liquidation we hear that our roads are in the worst condition ever, despite an extra £600 million being spent on them last year. The information regarding the condition of our roads comes in a report called the Highways Condition Index (HCI) released by the Department for Transport. The report shows that only 68% of the roads were classified as ‘Good’ whilst 26% were ‘Reasonable’ and 6% were Read more

London Electric Vehicle Capital Of The World – Not Any More

Saturday, 26. February 2011

newride electric vehicle recharging site

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Big and brash Boris announced in 2009 that London would be the ‘Electric vehicle capital of Europe.’ The aim was to have 25,000 charging points by 2015 which I’m sure caused many manufacturers to sit up and take note believing that the UK was the electrical way forward. Unfortunately that ambitious target has had to be cut somewhat, by 23,700 in fact. Yep, the new figure for installation by 2013 is now down to 1,300. This is a further drop since this time last year when the figure was set at Read more

New Super Salt Will Tackle Extreme Road Conditions

Thursday, 24. February 2011

Magnesium chloride

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Back down to earth a new road salt has been created to work in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius and has received the thumbs up for use on Scottish roads. The road salt comes in liquid form like a de-icer, a mix of salt and magnesium chloride. It has proven effective at melting hard packed snow and ice in extreme cold. Regular salt only works down to -8 deg C. They are building up reserves at key motorway sites but there is a bit of a downside. The so-called Supersalt costs 12 times as Read more