Auto Number Plate Recognition (APNR) Being Abused

Monday, 2. May 2011

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Merseyside Police ANPR Car parked on double ye...

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In a report prepared by Auto Express they have revealed that motorists should be aware of the ways that automatic number plate recognition (APNR) is now being used. We have become obsessed with cameras watching our every move, whatever we’re doing from driving to walking down the street, buying a bar of chocolate or catching a train. But Read more

Car Clampers Already Have A Replacement For Soon To Be Illegal Clamps

Tuesday, 14. September 2010

A parking ticket!
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There was a lot of euphoria when the Government announced that they were going to ban the clamping and towing of cars parked on private land. The ban comes into force in November 2010, under new laws set to stop unscrupulous clampers from charging ridiculous amounts of money, to either have the clamp removed, or get your car back from a pound where the car has been towed to. However, before the anti- Read more

New Rules To Prevent Rogue Clamping

Wednesday, 14. July 2010

A friend of mine was once clamped in a car park for not having a ticket displayed in her windscreen (she accidentally put it in her purse – daft as). As a result another friend came to the rescue at 2.00am with his tool box. After about 4 hours and several hacksaw blades later she was finally free to drive home. Not something I approve of, obviously, but it made me a little more cautious about where I park my car and I Read more

Clamping Down On Cowboy Clampers

Saturday, 21. November 2009

The first ever UK parking summit has recently been held to discuss the growing problems faced by motorists whose cars have been clamped by cowboy clampers operating on private land. The summit was attended by parking firms, minsters and motoring groups. The AA called for tougher laws to be introduced. Edmund King, president of the AA, said that it cannot be just for there to be no independent appeal against a Read more