New EU Rules Increases Car Insurance For For Women

Sunday, 20. March 2011

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If you are a woman driver expect your insurance premium to increase thanks to our Government. No I don’t mean the Cameron Clegg Coalition I mean our REAL rulers, the EU. The Court of Justice has ruled that charging drivers more because of their gender is wrong and considered discrimination. So charging men more than women was a practice that must stop immediately, great news for us men cos obviously we will all meet somewhere in the middle and I can expect my premium to drop. Well, actually no. We will just see the premiums for women increase from 21st December 2012 according to those in the know.

In truth it will have very little affect on drivers over 30 where the difference paid by men and women is relatively small but the difference in the 17 to 22 age group can be £1,000 per annum with women paying an average of £1,682 per annum. In the 23 – 29 group women pay £868 per annum, around £500 less than men.

The AA believes that premiums for men will drop by about 10% (yeah right!) whilst women will see increases from 25 to 60%. So prepare yourselves girls! I’d forget the new shoes and frock and stick that money into an insurance reserve account! OK I wasn’t going to make a comment but you know me! What a load of old bull.

How on earth can a commercial decision based on actual events, ie the number of accidents that a driver has, be construed as discrimination? Where does it stop? There are accident and theft hotspots in the UK that attract higher premiums if you happen to live there, isn’t that discrimination against people living in these areas?

Where will it end? Maybe we are discriminating against the 17 to 22 year old testosterone charged males that don’t recognise speed limit signs and believe that their Saxo could out drag an F1 car away from the lights? I know, let’s call it £500 per annum for everyone and be done with it! As the man from the AA said, we shouldn’t confuse equality with fairness, women will now pay higher premiums because of claims made by men. Got any views, let me know? By Graham Hill

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2 Responses to “New EU Rules Increases Car Insurance For For Women”

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  2. Says:

    Very cheeky Sarah but I’ll allow the promotion just this once! 😉

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